Patriot Force California

Our Mission

We are a non-partisan grassroots group of Californians joining forces with fellow citizens and providing education on  how they can take action in their own communities to promote free and fair elections.
Join us and help build a Patriot Force across the Golden State.

United for Integrity: Our Shared Commitment to Election Fairness

Californians are increasingly realizing the importance of their personal involvement in our democracy. While we may have previously placed too much trust in our elected officials, now is the time for us to unite, across all political divides, to ensure our elections are free and fair.

We empower citizens by providing the essential knowledge they need to take informed action and hold our elected officials accountable. 

Are our elected officials adhering to best practices to guarantee that every legal vote is accurately counted?

We achieve this by engaging directly with election officials, utilizing the California Public Records Act to obtain necessary documentation, and diligently researching and analyzing election data. Furthermore, we actively canvas votes within our communities to maintain the integrity of our electoral process.

A Brief History Lesson from Patriot Force CA

Our commitment to non-discrimination

Patriot Force California does not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation or other protected class. We simply want to attract members based on their love of this state and willingness to donate their precious time to work towards free and fair elections.

We declare no affiliation, sponsorship, nor any partnerships with groups that do not share our values of equality or that participate in intimidation, violence or other illegal acts.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact Patriot Force California at